Our valued clients

As a leader in environmental testing services, Sterling Labs places a strong focus on accuracy and reliability, coupled with unparalleled customer service. This is why we have earned the trust of numerous reputable companies and organizations nationwide.

Trusted by top-tier brands and businesses

From major manufacturers to the Department of Defense, Sterling Labs has supported countless brands, businesses, and organizations in meeting their project objectives and requirements for nearly 40 years.

Environmental consultants

Gain peace of mind with reliable and timely environmental testing services. Sterling Labs provides local environmental consultants with a comprehensive range of testing services that assess the quality and environmental impact of water, air, soil, waste, and other products.

Our services help you meet regulatory requirements and succeed in their environmental assessments, remediation, and monitoring projects.

Engineering and construction firms

Keep your engineering and construction projects on schedule and manage your compliance obligations with our high-integrity results. Sterling Labs is your dedicated partner in ensuring that your projects meet regulatory requirements and corporate social responsibility standards. 

Our 24/7 services and effective risk management approach mean that you can rely on us to provide high-quality testing results and expert guidance every step of the way.

Some of our clients' projects include:

  • Remediation under IL TACO, CERCLA, and RCRA
  • CCDD and landfill disposal soil testing
  • Long-term groundwater monitoring

Federal agencies

Ensure your projects are executed with precision, with deliverables tailored to your specific needs. At Sterling Labs, we are a small business with nearly 40 years of experience in providing nationwide environmental testing services that you can rely on to complete your projects effectively and efficiently.

Our services have been utilized by the US Navy, the US Air Force, the Department of Interior, the Department of Veterans Affairs, among others.


Manage environmental impact and deliver total quality assurance with Sterling Lab’s unbeatable testing service. We have helped countless clients overcome their challenges and meet compliance with regulatory requirements.

We are the trusted partner of major manufacturers in the automotive, food production, and waste industries, hospitals, school districts, city and county offices, among many others whom we have helped meet program objectives and requirements.

A decade-long partnership

Learn how Sterling Labs has become a valued partner for Illinois Environmental Group, consistently meeting their requirements with high-integrity and timely results.

Environmental testing experts on your doorstep

Enjoy the convenience of our two strategically located facilities in the Chicagoland area, making it easier for us to serve clients throughout the Midwest and nationwide. Our proximity to O'Hare airport means we’re just one flight away to over 150 US cities.

Let’s work toward a world of environmental responsibility

Find out how we have helped businesses like yours achieve their goals.

  • I've been in the business for 10 years now, and that whole time they're the only lab we've worked with and we haven't had any reason to search elsewhere. They've kept us happy, and I think we look at Sterling Labs as being a vital part of our process.

  • I live in the city of Chicago (...) and they are at a physical location where sometimes it is convenient for me being 15 minutes away from the lab to go there and pick up containers and drop something off. So the location is helpful.

  • Among their strengths: data reliability, turnaround times, and pickups. Project managers are responsive and pretty helpful with their customer service. They are flexible –if we send them six samples, and then call later and ask them to prioritize some over others, they will do that.

  • Communication is really good. I can call or email and get an answer within minutes. 

  • They are centrally located within Chicagoland, and are easy to access (...) They also have been known to help us outside of regular hours, when other companies would not. We have been doing business with them for a very long time. Having consistent staff is important. They have had the same staff for a very long time and that is very meaningful. 

  • They give more personalized attention for smaller companies such as ourselves so we don’t get lost.  And we don't feel like a nuisance, if you will, compared to the bigger guys and their bigger accounts and the volumes they are used to receiving from customers. So that is a big positive as far as I am concerned. We are able to get a hold of someone on a routine basis and get the answers right away. 

  • The location is convenient, and the team, extremely responsive. Justin and Craig are workaholics and they are always going! 

  • The quality of Sterling Labs is outstanding. There are really no complaints that we've had on our end, or any reason to question the work that they do for us.

  • They do a great job. We do a lot of PCBs in oils and they run a modification of the method that most labs don't that provides a much better sensitivity for that analysis and so that is something that stands  out. They have gone beyond what the norm is to provide a more sensitive analysis. They have 24-7 service which most labs do not anymore. 

  • I think their customer service is wonderful, top notch. I think their knowledge and expertise is great. There are a lot of experts there that we rely on –they help us. (...) I really like working with them.