Your environmental laboratory testing partner

We're here to help you take responsible action and minimize environmental impact, as you meet your project deadlines and exceed your clients' expectations. 

Where environmental responsibility means your success

Increasing industrialization and urbanization of the world has led to numerous environmental challenges, including air pollution, water contamination, soil degradation, and the spread of hazardous waste. Sterling Labs helps you understand the impact of these challenges and address them to make sure your projects never stop moving.

Comprehensive environmental testing

Ensure the seamless execution of your projects with our trusted testing and analyses. Identify potential hazards and safe conditions with our specialized testing of water, air, soil, waste, and other environmental testing. 

  • Environmental Analysis of Soils, Waters, Solids, Wastes, Air, Sediments
  • PFAS Analysis
  • Air Toxics Analysis
  • Bulk Asbestos Analysis 
  • Mold and Fungi Analysis
  • UST, Phase II, Brownfield, SRP/TACO Analysis
  • RCRA, TCLP/SPLP, Waste Characterization Analysis
  • Endocrine Disruptors in Toys and Consumer Products
  • Toxins in Food and Feed Products
  • Pharmaceutical Contaminants and Drug Metabolites

Turnaround times as fast as 4 hours for lead and asbestos analysis

Analytical instrumentation

  • 22- GC/MS
  • 16 - GC
  • 7 - HPLC
  • 2 - LC-MS/MS
  • 1 - ICP-OES
  • 4 - ICP-MS
  • 3 - Ion Chromatographs (IC)
  • 3 - CVAA Mercury Analyzers
  • 2 - Segmented Flow Analyzers
  • 2 - Discrete Analyzers

Available whenever you need us, with year-round 24/7 testing

Never worry about your project deadlines thanks to our commitment to round-the-clock testing. We offer sample pick-up and delivery services to your project site, 365 days a year. Whether you need emergency testing or standard turnaround times, we are here to support you.

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